Windows 10 Flaws Patched

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a significant leap from versions 7, 8 and 8.1 but it is also weighed down by security problems. It suffers significant imperfections despite being touted to be one of the best Windows operating systems. However, the programmers are constantly on the lookout for flaws and promptly find solutions. It would be nice if you finished reading this article before installing the latest Windows 10 patch.


This program has a serious flaw that gives attackers ability to abuse privileges and corrupt memory. Microsoft Office users can protect themselves by amending how code is executed within a document as well as making changes to saving format

Microsoft graphics

Patch MS16-106 removes vulnerabilities in graphics processing protocols that would otherwise give leeway to crooks to remotely control their targets. This is considered a critical patch that affects the entire operating system.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced having found four vulnerabilities never seen before. Zero-day flaws include the most dangerous which allows cybercriminals to remotely take control of your machine. They have full administrative control over your device via internet explorer. All attackers need to launch an attack is for you to visit a website with corresponding malware code.

Exchange server

Without Microsoft Exchange server patches, you could easily suffer an attack. Patch MS16-108 prevents attackers from remotely accessing your server. It provides updates and changes the process of service pack delivery. It also ensures that the server follows a specified delivery model. All this is meant to deter attackers from taking over your servers for selfish gain.

Login Freeze

Moving to the anniversary update is the only way to fix the log in bug. This problem is among three hardware problems that cause webcams to fail. There have also been reports of PCs crashing when Amazon Kindle users plugged e-readers via USB. Users can check windows updates and install the relevant patch, reboot the device and log in. If this doesn’t work, you might have to rollback to Vanilla Windows 10 and reinstall anniversary update again.

Microsoft edge

The minimalist browser had problems when people tried reading PDF files, but Microsoft quickly came up with a patch. This prevents criminals from hijacking your device remotely in an attempt to steal, copy or damage your files.

Other significant updates include a redesigned start up menu, handwriting recognition software and enhanced abilities for Cortana to name but a few. Microsoft patches are also changing the way fonts are handled by Windows, Skype and Office as these could also be used to launch vicious attacks.

Users can trigger manual updates by opening settings and selecting update & security. Follow this by choosing Windows Update and once there click check for updates and follow the prompts to the last step. This is complicated enough for one device, so it is hard to imagine what happens when you have an entire office to handle. Worry not, though, as you have us to help you harness this iconic operating system. If you contact us, we will provide meticulous maintenance and closely monitor your Windows machines so you can carry on about your duties with total peace of mind.