Vicious Malware Spreads through App Stores

App stores in Europe and the United States are whimpering under threat from malicious software DressCode. It penetrates corporate networks through employee’s devices that they are allowed to bring to work. This malware has gained a reputation for its ability to spread through large organizations, compromising and downloading content at will. Google Play Store alone has experienced at least 400 cases of the malicious program. This new Android malware is hard to contain because it leaves such a small digital footprint to be detected by ordinary means. DressCode is so called because of its uncanny ability to hide deep in optimization boosters and games to trick unsuspecting users into installing it.

Once downloaded, DressCode is unleashed to any network that an infected device is connected to. Once it has taken over, this malicious program can communicate with its developers thereby turning the device into a digital zombie taking orders from an unknown master. Companies that allow BYOD are most exposed to vicious malware like DressCode.

How to avoid Malware

The newest android malware obviously devastates corporations but even then, there are things you can do to avoid trouble.

· Make a habit of downloading apps from reliable app stores like Google and Apple. This reduces the chance of fakes but you must also check a program’s reviews before hitting download’. Those who went before you are the best sources of information about any product. They will tell the truth about experiences so if most reviews are negative, ignore download to avoid falling prey to relentless attackers.

· It is a good idea to install anti-malware program to block DressCode and other malicious programs from infecting your Android. If nothing else, such programs will provide timely warnings about attacks so your organization’s IT department can take necessary countermeasures.

· Avoid public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks as they are often used to launch vicious malware attacks. When a worker carries their android device to the café and purchases an app via free Wi-Fi, they fail to realize that it is a rogue program disguised as legitimate. Unwittingly they carry back their device and connect it to the corporation’s network which is the last step in an intricate plan to hold them hostage. Unless you are assured of safety, resist the urge to browse over free networks.

· It is also important for organizations that encourage BYOD to train staff members of best practices. This makes them wary of downloads so they always ask before purchasing apps or report suspicious activity the moment it is noticed. Strict rules and guidelines about bringing personal android devices to work must be enacted to avoid devastation by malicious programs.

Everyone loves their Android devices no matter the brand because of unique features. Ability to switch between apps, for example, might be pleasing but that also leaves you exposed to unimaginable security risks. The only way to avoid impending danger is to embrace professionals in the management of all mobile protocols. If you hope to avoid DressCode and others of its kind, contact us to see how we might help.