A Sneak Peek into Office365 Hub for Windows10 Insiders

Business professionals and technophobes alike are equally attracted to Office365 for email service, ease of use and ability to access apps across platforms. While these are exceptional, those who belong to Fast Ring, the insider program have more to gain with the new Office management program. Office365 Hub makes it easier than ever to use Office on Windows10 and we have more information about it for those who may be interested;

This dashboard management program is actually an update of Getting Office that allows you to integrate Office365 apps in one location and manage them without having to open a browser. Insiders can access files, apps, and programs from any device but that is not all. Office365 Hub also allows users to switch from personal to business accounts with utmost ease by clicking the username on the upper right-hand corner. It is now possible to optimize Office applications for various devices which make this management program worthier for users. It is expected that Microsoft will include Cortana into the Office Hub shortly.

Like other such programs, Office Hub allows access of multiple apps from one place. By clicking on Home for example will display commonly used Office apps like PowerPoint as well as a summary of recent documents. The My Account tab gives access to links to manage payments, manage desktop apps and even share Office 365 Home subscription with others. In the business setting, there is increased efficiency as new apps can be installed on desktops without the need to go online. It is also easier for administrators have an easy time switching between Office apps.

In addition to these offerings is a Help and Training tab that grants access tutorials, support forums and various online resources that can help you get better acquainted with the cloud. All this is in an attempt to provide users a more manageable, less stressful cloud experience but there is a catch;

Office 365 Hub is only open to subscribers of Office365 who are also members of the insider program. To benefit you must also be subscribed as a Fast Ring member who gets builds before they are updated and debugged. Those who aren’t in this category needn’t worry though but exercise some patience till 2017 when the general release is bound to happen. Such releases help businesses manage their files, documents, and apps in one central location in an attempt to save time and reduce expenses. Subscribing to the Hub will not only make Microsoft Office more enjoyable but also makes your business more attractive to customers.

Programs like Office Hub are great for business, but it is not easy to keep up with all the updates by Microsoft as you obviously have other matters to attend to. To stay in the loop and avoid missing out on great opportunities, feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Whether you are an insider or not we will ensure that you know enough about Office365 Hub to give you a better business edge over your closest competition.