How Outlook’s update Improves User Experience

Businesses have barely scratched the surface when it comes to utilizing all the communication tools available to them. Microsoft Outlook makes it easier to improve how ventures use various communication tools through recent updates and changes. Read on to find out more about how the Outlook user experience has changed in your favor.

Upgraded Contact Cards

The Contact Card has been significantly improved to allow input of more than just phone numbers, names, and email address. The new contact cards may include job title and even your most recent communications with clients. This change has been received with open hands as it helps users to remember just who they engaged with and when to avoid breaking the all-important flow of communication.

Smarter Search Features

Updates on the upgraded search feature allow Outlook to figure out what you might need from the first letter you type. Smart search is a great time saver as it reduces the wait for search results to seconds rather than minutes. You don’t have to remember entire names or conversations to retrieve emails, contacts or other features.

People Section Enhancements

The main people section of outlook has undergone major improvements and enhancements. It is now possible to make Smart lists of people based on common features such as frequently contacted, groups, acquaintances; favorites and those in need of follow-up. Outlook 2016 allows you to use groups rather than distribution lists to communicate with team members.

Other updates

People with the necessary Outlook365 subscription can insert and quickly edit scalable vector graphic (SVG) images whenever they need sharp, well-designed content for emails or other purposes. Such images are largely preferred because they don’t lose quality when at all resized. In addition to these, the newly updated outlook can automatically generate events from any emails received with hotel reservation, flight, or package delivery information. This removes the need to manually update events to the calendar. It is also exciting that events added are marked as ‘private’ so only you can access them. Previous updates allowed users to enjoy the improved keyboard, assistive technologies for scheduling meetings or reading email. It is also easy to add a signature using special outlook features.

Now that it is clear how Outlook updates can help your business, it is about time you leveraged them. Utilizing outlook’s new features will help you reach targets much faster and conveniently thereby ensuring better flow of services. The gains might seem dismal in the beginning, but once you get a grip on it, Outlook can be the best thing that happened to you. The renewed user experience eventually translates to increased productivity among both employees and management. Clients and other stakeholders to businesses respond to great communication with good reviews and actual purchases so if you want to learn more, kindly contact us for help. We will show you the way to utilize these and more features for the benefit of your business. Understanding how to navigate Outlook and all its features is not only beneficial to organizational communication, but also in your personal engagements.