Free to Decrypt Ransomware Strains

There are reports of malware attacks everywhere with new strains sprouting up at every instance. There may be countless versions of the viruses but with only one end game: to extort money from users. Don’t consider negotiating with hackers unless you are certain that there isn’t a free cure for the ransomware infection.

Status of ransomware in 2017

This marks the third decade since the creation of malware capable of encrypting data. The main demand is that you pay money to have your files safely returned. Duly named ransomware, this type of malicious software particularly gained popularity in 2006 and 2013 when the number of infections increased. This year the number of ransomware infections have spiraled to levels never witnessed before.

In 2017, statistics show that 10% of all malware attacks were caused by some version of ransomware. In 2016, the total infections led to $24 million in losses but by this time last year victims had already paid $209 million to cyber criminals.

Easy to beat Zombie ransomware

Some infections are targeted while others are as a result of self-propagating strains. Several attackers simply launch random attacks hoping to scare their victims into paying up. No matter what your infection is, it is necessary that you check the following to see if there are free decryption tools to save you a world of troubles:

  • Kaspersky Lab’s No Ransom List
  • Trend Micro’s Ransomware File Decryptor
  • com’s Breaking Free list
  • Avast’s free decryption tools

Avoiding ransomware attacks altogether

You can get data back for free with these tools but it is not any fun getting attacked with malware. There are three primary approaches to preventing ransomware starting with employee education. It is important to train employees on how to use the web including what to avoid.

Next, you should back up your data to quarantined storage. If it is not directly connected to the network and there is limited access to data, it is possible to restore things after an infection.

The last step involves updating all software solutions. Most reliable vendors are quick to patch any loopholes and it only takes an update to clear several infections.


Whether you are dealing with an infection or trying to avoid one, it is wise to seek professional help. IT professionals could decrypt your data using the tools listed above but you must act fast because some strains are time-sensitive. Such ransomware will destroy your files after a certain period. Rather than waste your precious business time dealing with ransomware, leave it to us. We can offer advice on staying safe and do the hard work of decrypting your files before it is too late.