Protect Your Device from the New Mac Ransomware

Protect Your Device from the New Mac Ransomware

Only last month, cyber security professionals accidentally discovered a new ransomware variant which doesn’t target Windows devices. OSX/Filecoder.E encrypts Mac data just like the rest of crypto locker strains previously witnessed by businesses. The main difference between this and existing ransomware which release data once money is paid is that there are no promises made. Read on for courses of action against this ransomware.
ESET security researchers suggest that despite being written in Apple’s programming language, it is not as big a threat as other malicious programs. It is such a poorly written code that even hackers were unable to develop a method of retrieving the key to decrypt files once ransom was paid. In any case, the government and other security advisors recommend ignoring all hackers’ demands to avoid spurring them on.

Tactics of Avoiding Filecoder

This ransomware operates uniquely from the rest and instead of being dispatched via phishing emails, it is distributed on Torrent sites under the name Patcher. It is ill-advised to visit these illegal sites as they are usually unregulated. Everyone is safer sticking to trusted app stores like Microsoft, Google, and Mac.
This malware may not be spread by malicious email but you need to stay clear of all unsolicited mail. Email attachments are the easiest way for attackers to infiltrate a system and there is no telling when the authors of Filecoder will decide to expand their tentacles.

Have Preventative Measures Installed

A proactive approach to cyber-security is the best protection against Filecoder and similar programs. Take deliberate measures like installing Firewalls, reliable intrusion prevention systems, and updating them regularly.
Any protective measure must include backup as threats are inevitable. Having secure backups is the only insurance for your business if the worst happens. It helps in keeping the business running and you do not have to meet the hackers’ ransom demands.

Beat Ransomware

It was easy for security experts to develop a way of decrypting files thanks to poorly written code. There are free tools available like PKCRACK which are capable of recovering your data held hostage by Filecoder, but only if you have an original copy of affected files. While possible, the data recovery process demands some programming skills. You should have an IT professional or managed services provider to decode your Files.

Filecoder ransomware may not be the biggest threat but it certainly could be the beginning of a Mac-based attack. Now more than ever, you need the help of a security expert to protect you from the barrage of looming attacks. Contact us today for help dealing with Filecoder and other malicious threats that you might encounter. The earlier you do this, the better your chances of interacting with protected systems without having some reckless cybercriminal retrieving private and confidential data.