Easy Tips for Preventing a Costly Data Breach

Success for businesses today largely relies upon how well they embrace technology. IT is needed to run most operations, but it also draws the attention of attackers. To counter hackers most companies prefer to outsource cyber security services but that isn’t the only option. Here are some tips on how you can prevent a costly data breach;

Strong passwords

Many of us rely on text-based credentials to lock out unwanted people from their systems. To make things even harder for attackers, organizations are now turning to biometrics and smart cards which aren’t as easy to breach. Whichever method you choose, do not neglect to update to make sure you have the best protection from deliberate or accidental breaches.

Limit lateral data transfers

Most data leaks happen because employees were not well educated about information sharing and security. It is, therefore, wise for businesses to limit access to privileged information to a few individuals. Network segmentation also works to cut unnecessary communication with outsiders.

Keep updating

It is important to update operating systems, business software and security software in an attempt to solidify your protection. Data breaches are likely to occur when employees work with unprotected machines or old devices. Upgrading to newer models and updating software is the best bet that you’re enjoying the best protection from modern day attacks.

Monitoring and machine learning

Modern tactics allow attackers to secretly hide in your system as they conduct malicious business. Breaches are therefore more likely if your systems are never monitored for suspicious activity. Network administrators need to keep a close eye on business systems to make sure that things are working normally and that there no loopholes for attackers to take advantage of.

Security insurance

Security is never guaranteed as attackers work on loopholes no one knew existed. They capitalize on human error which is why businesses must consider cyber security insurance to cushion themselves against unprecedented losses. It doesn’t matter whether you outsource or rely on an in-house team but security insurance is simply inevitable for those who want to survive. There are many such services designed for different businesses, which is why you must be careful when making the final decision. You must consider the legal fees, coverage for reputation rehabilitation and third party coverage to name but a few. Giving these some thought will ensure that the choice security package does indeed serve your needs.

Cyber security can be an overwhelming subject even for seasoned professionals. There are so many problems to avoid, and these keep changing as attackers grow wiser. It is a constant learning curve and staying off your guard for a fleeting moment can be costly. Security involves many things including constant research to understand hackers’ behavior and hopefully predict their next move before things go wrong. Thankfully you have us in your corner to help with matters security for your business IT systems. Most of our time is spent researching and developing advanced security solutions for the market, and you are welcome to contact us today if you are interested in our sophisticated security plans.