New Popcorn Ransomware Crosses The Line!

Nothing is scarier than using a computer daily knowing that you could power it up every day only to be met with a message that you have been hijacked and must pay a ransom to get it back. Unfortunately, this happens so often owing to modern day ransomware but now it has become more devastating. There is a new virus that requires victims to nominate others if they want to free their computers. Popcorn Time has certainly changed the game so read on to find out how you can remain safe from it;

Cyber criminals have been victimizing online users for years, demanding that payment is made in order to unlock affected computers. As predicted in 2016 miscreants have changed their tactics in a bid to increase profits. Popcorn Time requires victims to pass the ransomware on to friends if they want to avoid paying ransom money in exchange for their data. Attackers will corrupt your morals and never care about the consequences this could have on victims. All they want is to make their cut and move on to the next unsuspecting victim.

Popcorn is expensive

When you accidentally download the ransomware you will get a screen saying that your computer has been held hostage and that you must pay the ransom. Often the amount demanded is $700 in bitcoin form but needless to say this is a huge cost for computer users. It is even worse when attackers choose your computer just after the holidays when you’ve probably spent most of your savings.

Popcorn Time!

Once you’ve been infected, the criminals behind Popcorn Time promises to let you off without paying the ransom but only if you can spread the virus to two friends. You might be tempted to do this in an attempt to save yourself but that isn’t advisable. Hackers will only give you back control if birth your friends pay up and there is no telling whether they will.

Avoiding popcorn time

Experts agree that it is nearly impossible to avoid sites containing suspicious files. People spend so much time online that hackers have several opportunities to strike. These criminals are so good at their jobs that they quickly find ways to make their files look legitimate. Keeping your security software updated is the first step to protecting your files from criminals but you can do more. Educate members of your household about proper internet practices that would deter attackers. This involves avoiding any downloads that an internet user hasn’t authorized and reporting suspicious activity to security experts or adults. You should always backup your files just in case cybercriminals reach your device and you are not willing to pay or betray their friends.

It might feel as though your only choice after the Popcorn Time virus hits is to pay up or fold to criminals’ demands but that isn’t the only course of action. Experts and government authorities agree that the only way to deter attackers is flatly refusing to do as they demand. Betraying your friends to get a computer back will compromise your morals and encourage attackers to keep doing their misguided business.