A Guide to Choosing Small Business Computers

The computer you choose for your small business certainly makes a difference but few even think it’s important. The right device gives you clear edge against completion and makes it easier for you to get close to them. Here are tips on how to choose the right kind of computers that will ensure survival of your venture;

Laptop or desktop?

Start by determining whether you need a laptop or desktop computer. Laptops make sense for people looking for mobility, efficiency and affordability. What desktops lack in portability they make up for in processing capacity, security and storage. Desktops are easier to maintain than laptops and aren’t as prone to threats. However, small businesses might be more attracted to cheaper laptops that are easy to carry around.


Storage is a critical feature for businesses that need to store large files. Storage capacity ranges from 128GB in lighter devices to 2TB for critical machines. IF y250-500GB storage should be sufficient for emails and a few apps but you are free to get more hard drive space to handle large amounts of data.

Processor speed

Processor speed has a direct effect on efficiency of your device. The speed of your CPU dictates how your files open and how easily you can conduct business tasks. 2-4 GHz processors are enough for small businesses but some tend to go for faster devices just to make work easier.

Operating system

You have to decide on the best operating system for your preferred device. That typically comes down to choosing between Mac and Windows but it is worth noting that Windows is most compatible with business software not to mention the fact that it is cheaper. Macs perform just as well but they are way more expensive. The reason why a large percentage of businesses choose Mac is that they are less prone to crashes among other outstanding features.

Other components

It is also important to consider other components like RAM, which is tasked with keeping the computer in optimum working speed. This is especially true when working with multiple programs at once. 6-8GB RAM is often enough to keep basic programs running but remember not to confuse it with storage drives.

It might not seem necessary at first but choosing the right computer for your business is an important decisions. You must consider all the factors above to make the right choice but all that matters is that it is suitable for your organization. Laptops are definitely ideal for businesses that engage in mobile and remote work. There is no hassle with cords and wires not to mention the fact that you don’t have to be close to a power source for them to work. Even with their advantages, laptops have weaknesses in security which is why some businesses prefer desktops. Companies that handle large sets of data find desktop computers a better choice compared to laptops which have low storage capacity.

It is not easy making the choice especially if you are just getting acquainted with computers but worry not as you can enlist our help. We are professionals well versed with computers and always ready to match you with the best device for your business.

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