Get Android Notifications in Windows!

Smartphones are barely ten years old, and most of us can’t operate without one. Desktops are great, but they couldn’t keep us connected all day, all night, wherever we choose to go. Unfortunately, the disconnect between smartphones and desktops mostly compromises the way notifications reach the PC. There are lots of interruptions during this period, but thankfully the entire nuisance finally nudged Microsoft into action. Now there is a new method that helps people better sync notifications from Android devices to Windows 10 devices.

How to Sync Your Android Notifications in Windows

  1. Wirelessly pair your smartphone with your desktop

  2. Visit Google Play Store to download and install the app called Cortana

  3. Immediately sign in to the Microsoft account used on the desktop

  4. Upon signing in, scroll to the upper left-hand corner and click on Menu and select Settings

  5. At this point, you should select the sync notifications option then toggle your preferences that will be visible on the PC.

Note that notifications are grouped into various categories including calls, battery, and texts to name but a few. The app allows you to read and respond to texts, but they are yet to add a feature for answering calls. Notifications from third-party apps can also be synchronized, but you need to tread carefully. The main goal of this app is to make notifications less annoying to the user, and that could all be for nothing is you sync unnecessary third party apps.

The greatest advantage of having Cortana enabled on your desktop is that all your Android apps will always appear on your windows 10 action center. You will never have to leave your PC to view messages sent to your smartphone. You have the ability to filter whatever is important and leave unnecessary notifications for later. Removing needless shortcuts is important, and you don’t have to keep interacting with the app on your phone when working on your PC.

Cortana has made things incredibly seamless for people who had lots of trouble managing notifications between smartphones and desktops. This is especially true for business professionals who receive hundreds-if not thousands- of notifications throughout the week. Without proper synchrony, people often miss important alerts that have the potential of causing severe losses for the enterprise. Don’t be alarmed though as there are always ingenious methods of fixing such problems.

It takes an experienced mind to perform such fixes so don’t ever hesitate to seek help whenever needed. Our staff knows the ins and outs of technology, making them the best people to reach out to when you need to solve software related problems. They cannot wait to impart their knowledge into your business to propel you forward in the pace of modern technology. Companies that don’t take advantage of technology quickly fail as clients also like things flowing better, faster and more accurately. They will for example, always choose a business that promptly responds to texts as opposed to one that doesn’t. Contact us today via phone or desktop so that we can save you from myriad problems that could ruin your business.