4 Essential Things to Look for in Office Projectors

It might be quite some time since you last went shopping for an office projector considering that they have an average lifespan of 2000hrs. If so, it might be confusing trying to figure out the important projector features which are constantly being updated in line with changes in technology. Don’t worry though as here are some essential things to look for when shopping for new office projectors;


To determine the best resolution you need to be aware of where the projector will be used and for what purposes. Simple undertakings like Excel presentations would only require WXGA or 1280800 which is compatible with most laptop screens. Only go for HD resolution if it’s absolutely necessary or if your budget allows for this gold standard. Otherwise, offices with existing screens should choose XGA resolution which is also effective.


While an office or business projector might not be as bright as an LED TV, it is important that it be bright enough for everyone to see clearly during presentations. Projectors with 2000 lumens – units for measuring brightness – or above are most appropriate for small groups in low light but you need about 3000 lumens to cater to large groups of people in a better lit room. You really don’t need more brightness than this unless you’re presenting to hundreds of people in a dimly lit room.


Once you have narrowed down on a projector with the best brightness and resolution for your needs, consider its portability. There is really no need to buy a compact projector that doesn’t provide the best image quality unless you intend to utilize its other features. Should you go with the mobile option, at least ensure that it has the ability to read from SD cards or USB devices. Always remember that choosing portability will definitely compromise other aspects like picture quality and decide whether lightweight is more important.


Modern projectors come with myriad features designed to make them more interesting or effective for professionals. While shopping these add-ons might capture your interests but don’t allow them to determine your final choice. First make sure that the projector meets your needs before factoring in extra features like internal storage, android/iPhone docks or cordless projectors. You should bear in mind that extra features could marginally increase the cost of a projector or compromise on durability and choose based on what is truly important to you.

These factors are often ignored when buying projectors leading to unprecedented losses for businesses. Hardware consulting is an essential service for anyone in the market for new office equipment as it provides useful advice on how to choose the best devices and utilize them fully to meet various business needs. Luckily for we are a team of gadget enthusiasts who cannot pass up a chance to discuss various items in the market. Our passion could benefit you but only if you contact us with your questions about different gadgets including projectors. Feel free to call or write us a message so we can help you make the best choice.