Enjoy More Secure Browsing Using New Virtualized Edge

Compared to other web browsers, users of the Microsoft Edge browser are safer from exploitation by hackers. Microsoft has found a way of incorporating virtualization protocols into browser security. Read on to see if this new development from Microsoft will convince you to change browsers and how Virtualized Edge will change your security;

Virtualized Edge Brings New Level of Browser Security!

· Cyber criminals often get their targets through browsers but the new security measure by Microsoft hopes to make breaches more unlikely. Using their new browser for Windows10, administrators have the power to choose what runs inside and outside a virtual container. They successfully incorporated Windows Defender Application Guard security feature into the new edge browser. This virtualized security feature is meant to open sites in a virtual machine and isolate them from the rest of your system with an aim of keeping it protected against everything from viruses to malware.

· When the Application Guard is enabled, malware is unable to access anything outside of this browser. Even if you unknowingly download malware from a compromised site it cannot enter the virtual container designed to protect your files. Think of it as reheating food inside a covered container to keep all the gooey stuff away from your microwave’s walls. No matter which sites your staff members visit using the new Edge browser, the IT department can keep sensitive information safely away from the reach of cyber attackers.

· Besides the virtual containers designed to protect workstations, malicious data is easily deleted by resetting once you are done. Just like tossing to reheating container into the dishwasher to clear all the grime resetting a virtual container removes anything malicious including permanent cookies. Malware is left with no room to keep running and ensures that each session begins with a clean browser. Every time you close the browser everything is cleared out and malware deleted to keep things safe for the next task.

Microsoft Edge leaves no chance for rogues to secretly enter your PC, steal your privileged information and hold you at a ransom for it. Simply upgrading to the new Edge browser can be the perfect way of deterring hackers from breaching data. Better information handling brought about by a safer environment ultimately creates trust among your valued clients. Making the right virtualization decisions for your organization will not only boost your overall security, it will also position you for more profits.

Those who don’t really understand virtualization might be wary about slowing down their PC with Edge but that won’t happen. Microsoft assures organizations that this cutting edge technology will not over-burden your machine. This is a great extra layer of security that eases the job of administrators who don’t have to keep updating the browser to keep enjoying added security over your system.

If you’re considering virtualization services in your organization, pick up the phone today and reach our expert team for help. We will help you with everything from creating desktops in a virtual space to more secure browsing using the secured Microsoft Edge browser. It takes a single consultation to start enjoying safer, even cheaper IT infrastructure.