Virtual Networks: The security of Tomorrow

The Power of Virtual Networks

The average business owner may not appreciate the impact of a virtual network until it is implemented within the organization. It was recent that the team at VMware realized how much could be done within the network. They have created Project Goldilocks which only highlights the importance of virtualized network for SMEs. In any case, you are concerned about endpoint security, the new form of virtualization is ideal for this.

Virtual networks are defined as connections between devices without physical wires or cables. Machines may be in different parts of the world, but if they are on a virtual network, it is as if they were connected in the same room. Companies like Verizon and AT&T have started offering these services which bring countless benefits to small and medium enterprises including easier management and lower hardware costs.

This codeless network has in-turn prompted the creation of advanced firewalls to provide internal segmentation to separate pieces of the internal network. These segments can be better protected against internal threats using cutting edge firewalls. Ideally, the more segments in your internal network, the more secure but there are limits to hardware firewalls’ capacity for segmentation. This must be considered to keep your network safe even if your neighbors are susceptible to attacks. With this technology, people within the virtual network will not compromise your safety.

VMware has noted that as network virtualization gains traction, so does the need for advanced security. The company has managed to combine services by using Project Goldilocks which removes the segmentation limits so you can create a virtual firewall for every application. Whenever an app is created or installed on the network, it comes with an outline of all functions it is allowed to perform. Goldilocks will deny anything without authorization by comparing requests with this outline. Network virtualization has many advantages including easing processes, boosting performance and enabling better data recovery, but with Goldilocks, you enjoy the added advantage of improved security.

This technology will certainly revolutionize endpoint security by making it easier to prevent malware infections and terminate or quarantine those that might have already infiltrated the network. This technology isolates your applications in a virtual network so they can receive better protection from attacks. This is much thorough compared to trying to protect data as a whole.

Don’t be deterred by the seeming complexity of virtualization technology but instead, ask the experts to help understand and hopefully embrace the idea. Our team of specialists is ready to offer a helping hand and ease you into implementing this technology. Reach out to us today to begin this inevitable journey to success. We will not only encourage you to leverage network virtualization but also help you take advantage of top-notch security features. You will always be in the loop about new trends to give you the competitive edge in your industry. If you decide to enlist our help, you will certainly stand out among competitors and attract more customers that you need for a wider profit margin. By ensuring endpoint security, Project Goldilocks is VMware’s gift to small and medium size businesses all around the globe.