Turning Off Ads in Windows 10

Nobody can deny the fact that advertisements are today one of the primary investments for online brands. Whether small or massive, successful advertisement is a prayer for any business. It is for this reason that users should ensure internet safety in the different applications they explore online. Windows File Explorer is one such application that has today caused a major outburst in matters concerning expected interface and navigation.

The file explorer is the usual application used to navigate the hard drive. However, the usual is no longer usual anymore; Microsoft has decided to modify the explorer platform to display different product ads. But this should not worry you if there is a way to end this. Here is how to disable the ads:

Who gets the ads?

Although Microsoft’s new strategy in advertising is unclear for now, and going by what we have right now is that not every Windows OS user has experienced the File Explorer banners. A number of people have read and others reviewed it. And all these people have come to the conclusion that if the company would read and listen to the countless reviews against the feature, then this explorer ads-idea would be scrapped off even before it gets to your desktop.

How do I turn off the ads?

These pushy promotions – some relevant others not – feature exclusively in Windows File Explorer. Here are steps to get rid of the ads:

Referring to the explorer window;

  1. Open a new window
  2. Select View located at the top of the explorer window
  3. Click Options on the far right side – a new window will appear
  4. Select View tab
  5. In the Advanced setting tab, scroll down and deselect ‘Show sync provider notifications’
  6. Click Apply and close the Folder Options window and that’s it!

Although we are sharing the ways on how to stop these ads, note that we strongly recommend the Microsoft products advertised on this feature. For example, One Drive, Office 365 and others, are considered great cloud technologies that have significantly improved safety in working and collaborating at any place and with any device provided there is an internet connection. The fact that we are stopping these pushing ads is for the simple reason that it’s boring having to deal with advertisements and at the same time working on sales including other forms of records.

So, if you are searching for the best platform for Windows tips and tricks, then you are in the right place. At times you may have to go for a detailed approach to technology issues, get in touch with our team of expert staff who will take you through the process in a more precise and clear approach. We are always glad to help you master the science that is in IT. Contact us today for more insight on tech matters.