The Newest Member of Office 365 Will Make You Better Organized

There is nothing as embarrassing as calling your boss to tell them that you’ll be late but even worse is making it a habit. This is often a result of poor planning but what if you could manage all your appointments, never to miss or be late to any? Microsoft Bookings is the latest service from Office 365 that helps you manage, organize and turn up for all appointments. Here are four reasons why you should try out this service:


Sticky notes will become a thing of the past with Microsoft Bookings which is in fact a website compatible to both mobile and desktops. On the site you can select dates and times based on availability. All you have to do after this is enter contact information to book it. With this system, the process of booking appointments is fully automated.

No more rain checks

Last minute cancellations can really harm a business but Microsoft believes there is a way to deal with that. Using this service means that you can control how much advance notice is required before cancellations. A confirmation email is immediately sent after an appointment is made as well as a reminder before the meeting is due. To reschedule, one can click on the link that comes with the confirmation email to choose a time and date that they are more comfortable with. This way you will avoid last minute cancellations that could harm your image and cause clients to move on to better offerings.


Once a booking is completed, the service syncs it to a central calendar from which businesses can cancel, reschedule or reassign appointments. The split view feature allows staff members to see which appointment is assigned which employee and at what time. The feature allows you to compare schedules side-by-side as bookings are synced to staff and managers’ calendars. People don’t have to change their calendar service as this one accommodates everything from to Google Calendar.

Double duty

While appointments are the primary purpose of Bookings, this service can also be used to manage a businesses’ customer list. This is because once customers enter their information; a contact list is automatically created. Each customer is allocated a contact card which contains personal information including their name, address, phone number and email address. Additional bookings pages can be created for free as the company grows.

It is great to know that with this service individual staff members aren’t required to subscribe to Office 365 to become part of this service. While tech resources play a great role in the growth of businesses, they are not enough on their own. There is ardent need to stand out from competition through effective appointment management. Office 365 provides a seamless platform to do just that but we understand that it might not be straightforward especially for beginners. This is why we encourage you to give us a call or contact us via our website to answer any questions you might have. We are happy to help you solve any issues to make sure that you never miss important appointments.