Latest G Suite Updates by Google

Customer feedback has always been a priority for tech giant Google which has been relying on the practice to improve their powerful applications. Five new updates have recently been introduced to Google Cloud’s G Suite. So, what are these updates and do they have any value to your business?

Basic mobile management

The basic mobile management feature allows administrators to execute basic security on devices without the need for management profile installation on your mobile device. It is no longer necessary to set up and regularly renew Apple Push Certificate.

With these updates, it is possible for admins to implement screen locks, wipe accounts, view, and search and manage device inventory with much ease. The Advanced-Mobile-Management option enables you to set more restrictions, conduct mobile audits and iOS device application management.


This feature is available in Google-Docs, Slides, and Sheets, to give you design tools, research recommendations, and other insights. By a simple click, you can insert citations as the footnote. Users have the choice of MLA, Chicago, and APA referencing formats.

Iterative Calculation

The latest Google Sheets feature allows admins to set the optimum times a circular reference calculation is to happen. It is possible to set a convergence limit which will stop any calculations in cases when results from others are below the threshold value; including when the optimum number of calculation isn’t reached. It might sound complicated, but this is a welcome development by people who work with spreadsheets.

Sheets Android UI

If the menu search and language of Google Sheets on your device irks you, worry no more. The app user interface was updated with language settings which is right-to-left to help navigation and reading much better. It is now possible to search menus in spreadsheets on the web.

Gmail messages

Headers and bounced messages are easier to read with the latest updates. If delivery fails, the bounce message you’ll receive now has user-friendly text that could also be translated to any language if the account is set. You will find the original message just before the bounce message.

Message headers will be displayed in an easy to read format on a table. The ID, SPF, as well as DKIM status, are in plain sight and you can also find links to download and copy the message to clipboard. You will find the initial message header below the table too.

Stay alert for more updates by Google including a range of cloud solutions that could increase efficiency and reliability for your business. We are available to discuss more the G Suite solutions and answer any questions you may have. Whether big or small, it is important to leverage proper IT solutions not just to be in the know but also as a way of ensuring total security over your systems. Reach our company today for an opportunity to build a foundation with clear information about current and pending updates. Our expert information and security consultants are always available to guide you through the simple steps toward updating and securing business systems.