Google’s New Chrome 57

Google’s Chrome 57

Rejoice Chrome-lovers! The Chromium team presents to you; Google Chrome 57. But before we get into detail – why is it such a great deal? Google’s chrome browser is no doubt the most popular compared to the rest of web browsers. Boasting over half of all internet users, the company has ensured that comprehensive research is done to satisfy the massive number of browsers. This is done through regular releases to ensure that user experience is always improved.

There are three upgrades that stand out in Chrome 57;

  • Power consumption improvements
  • “Save for Later” feature (Chrome for iOS)
  • Better graphics

Power consumption improvements

A lot of reviews have pointed a finger at previous chrome versions for battery hogging. This caused a major uproar in the internet world that Microsoft publicly criticized the browser for its high power consumption which in turn affected battery performance. Compared to other browsers, Chrome allocates more processing power to the background tabs.

It is for this reason that Chrome 57 has ensured that devoted power to the background tabs is limited to 1% CPU consumption. Remember that this limit does not apply to minimized tabs in case you are streaming music or video. With the new throttling mechanism in place, experts argue that this will lead to 25% fewer busy background tabs.

“Save for Later” feature

For iOS users, Chrome 57 has an offline reading feature. Most experts see this as a delayed tactic from Google to counter iOS native Safari browser which already has a feature similar to this. All you need to do is tap the “share” icon situated in the top right corner of the browser to add the page to your reading list. You then select “Read Later” to view the content later without internet connection.

Not many Android users would see this as convenient as it should because this is a feature already within the platform where a user clicks the “Download” icon under Menu drop-down to save the offline pages.

Better graphics

Chrome 57 includes better graphics than what we used to get on Chrome. According to the Chromium team, the latest version is on point in terms of visual processing power. The browser supports WebGL 2.0 meaning that speed, texture, and animation are top notch. For mobile versions of chrome, WebGL has not yet penetrated the technology, but for desktops, this is an improvement that has molded the gaming world thanks to 3D graphics. This is a feature that was witnessed before in Opera and Firefox but the fact that Chrome now has this visual capability has caused a major buzz in the internet world.

Although most internet users particularly business owners see this release by Google as a nonissue, it is important to know and understand the effectiveness of working with the best browsers. A recent study shows that in this day and age a massive fraction of business transactions is done within browsers. With the new Media Session API in Chrome 57, users can now customize and respond to user input on the lock screen and notifications. How you browse matters and this is why you need to remain relevant by exploring the latest release by Chrome. For more content including tips on tech matters, contact our team of professionals today!