Extended Support for Windows 7 to Stop in 2020

Attempts to change a routine – a brand of morning coffee or operating system for that matter are not so easy or even successful. The issue here is really the struggle between versions 7 and 10 of Windows. You have until 2020 to decide and if you don’t want to fall behind, you must make a move now.

There was extended support for Windows 7 in 2015 and Microsoft also warned that the outdated version would spike operating costs. There was so much money being directed at solving software attacks that are avoidable in the first place if users have Windows 10. It is three years to the deadline and enterprises are warned of impending fines for those that still hold on to Microsoft’s outdated security. This not to mention lawsuits that might arise from leaked data.

The head of Windows at Microsoft Germany believes that Windows 7 falls short of neither the requirements of modern day technology nor the heavy security demands of IT departments. How does this make people still using the program? Why do they remain attracted to Microsoft’s obsolete security? Users have until 2020 to upgrade because after 13 January, extended support for the 2009 OS will be stopped and you will no longer receive patches unless you are ready to pay for an expensive Customer Support Agreement by Microsoft.

Markus, of Windows Germany, also said that right from Windows XP, there was evidence that businesses need to act early to avoid future costs or risks. This came at the time when Microsoft published studies showing that Windows 10 Anniversary Update’s built-in security was capable of dealing with zero-day updates even in the absence of patches that were frugal for the protection of other versions of Windows.

If you do not upgrade to Windows 10 your networks will definitely be exposed to dangers. You will miss out on important features like the biometric login Hello, Windows defender Advanced Protection, AppContainer’ among others.

Besides missing important security features offered by Windows 10, small businesses or organizations still on Windows 10 will soon miss the extra zero-day protection offered by EMET since 2009. The expiration date for Enhanced migration Experience Toolkit was extended to July 2018 from January 2017.

Newer tools can make it easier to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 compared with moving from XP. Microsoft still urges corporate to make the switch before the company full stops support for Windows 7. They warn that businesses that refuse to comply only make themselves eligible for hefty fines and penalties.

All businesses definitely strive to ensure the best future for their organizations. The business manager should always be aware of reliable tech resources and the ones to avoid. If this leaves you with several questions about Windows 7, take some time off your schedule to call us. We are seasoned experts who will readily offer our help to ensure that your business remains compliant with regulations. It might be difficult making the switch but considering the benefits; it is certainly worthy to move on to the better looking, more secure Windows 10. That is unless you are ready to pay the fines and grapple with serious security issues.

Learn more about Windows end of support data at the Windows lifecycle fact sheet.