VoIP Services and Unified Communications

Work is no longer a place. It is rather a function, performed anytime anywhere. The workforce is slowly shifting from work-life balance to work-life integration, and nothing wastes business opportunity like being unreachable. Communications are no longer about making or receiving phone call, video chats, e-mail, faxes, or text messages over separate channels. The divide between personal and corporate devices is eroding. The communications silos have collapsed and given way to managing one’s presence.

Unified communications (UC) is about managing one’s presence. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is but one of many UC’s enabling tools.

There never has been a better time for SMBs to reap the benefits of VoIP and Unified Communications:

  • deliver mobility;
  • manage your presence;
  • maximize your reach;
  • improve productivity;
  • lower your total costs of IT ownership;
  • avoid risks;
  • leverage your investments; and
  • future-proofing your systems.

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